Out of Time’s Abyss

Under The Moons of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

In this final book of the trilogy, we follow the adventures of Bradley, who along with four companions, set off from Fort Dinosaur, their makeshift home on this prehistoric island of Cuspak, in search of a way beyond the cliffs inland. While fending off horrible carnivours beasts and fighting several types of natives in various stages of evolution, 2 members are killed, Bradley is carried away by a new life-form, and two are left to find their way back to the Fort alone. This story mainly surrounds Bradley’s capture by the strange Weiroo. He finally understands the strange evolutionary process of Caspak with the help of a fellow native captive named Co-Tan. Together they must find a way to escape their captors and survive the trek back.

– Gwendolyn, Clay, PA

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