Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

5 stars

Beginning with his childhood as a sharp yet incorrigible and defiant young man, this is a story about Louis Zamperini. Zamperini found his love for energy and breaking boundaries when his older brother got him involved in running. Louis excelled. As WWII started, the brothers were in separate branches of the military. One flight of Louis’s while stationed ┬ánear Hawaii resulted in a crash landing in the sea and over a month on a raft with two crew mates. Rescued by the Japanese, the ordeal as POW’s brought them to the edges of their endurance. An epilogue of post war struggle and Louie’s eventual forgiveness is included.


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The Plot that Thickened

The Plot that Thickened by PG Wodehouse

This is quirky entertainment at its best. The plot involves a hodge-podge of extraordinary characters connected by the most entertaining circumstances. The story largely revolves around a priceless pearl necklace that many of the characters would like to get their hands on. If you are looking for a fun, quirky read, this British novella has it all.


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The Gift

The Gift by Richard Paul Evans

This was a strange book for me. It was about a little boy who had leukemia and was dying. He did die one time and the doctors brought him back. From then on, he was able to heal those he loved by touching them. He healed his mother of lupus, a little boy with cancer, a dog who died…The only catch was he got sicker every time he healed someone and he couldn’t heal himself. It was just a bit strange for me.


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The Hobbit

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

The Hobbit is a light adventure story that is a very relaxing read. The story follows Bilbo Baggins on an unwanted adventure through many perils with a variety of mythical creatures, both allies and enemies. While the recent film trilogy made me believe that it would be a heavy, detailed account, I was surprised by how deftly Tolkien relates the epic quest without weighing down the plot. I found the book enjoyable, well-written, and comforting.


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Shadowed by Jerry Jenkins

In this last book of the trilogy, the underground asks God to invoke the tenth plague against the world. Paul, Jae and the children must join the underground until the Christians are allowed to openly practice their faith.


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The Rising

The Rising by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins

This book begins with Rayford as a child and explains the birth of Carpathia. It is definitely an insight to their early years.


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Blueprints by Barbara Delinsky

Good summer read.


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