Out of Time’s Abyss

Under The Moons of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

In this final book of the trilogy, we follow the adventures of Bradley, who along with four companions, set off from Fort Dinosaur, their makeshift home on this prehistoric island of Cuspak, in search of a way beyond the cliffs inland. While fending off horrible carnivours beasts and fighting several types of natives in various stages of evolution, 2 members are killed, Bradley is carried away by a new life-form, and two are left to find their way back to the Fort alone. This story mainly surrounds Bradley’s capture by the strange Weiroo. He finally understands the strange evolutionary process of Caspak with the help of a fellow native captive named Co-Tan. Together they must find a way to escape their captors and survive the trek back.

– Gwendolyn, Clay, PA

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Under The Moons of Mars

Under The Moons of Mars edited by John Joseph Adams

This book contains a collection of 14 short stories by a variety of authors. All stories are based upon Edgar Rice Burrough’s Mars series. Each story looks at Barsoom (mars) + John Carter (principal character) a little differently. Some introduce new situations to Carter; some are spin-offs with his offspring, etc. I did not find this book to be a very satisfactory read. None of the writers equaled Burrough’s wild imagination and most portrayed the Burrough’s hero, Carter, in a negative light.

– Gwendolyn, Clay, PA

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God’s Not Dead 2

God’s Not Dead 2 by Travis Thrasher

A high school teacher is taken to court for answering a question about Jesus in her classroom, and is in danger of losing her job. Her lawyer, an unbeliever, begins to question his own beliefs as a result of representing her. A character from God’s Not Dead 1 reappears’ she reports on her blog about how her own beliefs come into focus during the case.

– Denise, West Earl, PA

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Star Wars: Dark Lord (The Rise of Darth Vader)

Star Wars: Dark Lord by James Lucerno

“Dark Lord” takes place after the third episode of the Star War movies (when Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader). It explores the emotional and physical transformation that continues after Darth Vader is born, the coming-into-his-own of the Dark Side of the force. Heralding this transformation are the few remaining Jedi, left after

– Denise, West Earl, PA

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Husband & Wife

Husband & Wife by Leah Stewart

“Husband & Wife” is a story about a woman that has to make a decision whether or not to stay with her husband after he cheated on her. She has 2 young children and tries to find herself in her writing (something that she quit doing when she had kids). – Pretty good story – a lot of foul language.

– Dawn, W. East Twp, PA

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The Hope Chest

The Hope Chest by Wanda E. Brunstetter

The final book in the Brides of Lancaster County series – this might have been my favorite in the series. I’m not sure if it was because it included themes you don’t usually see in books of this genre or because it kept me guessing until the end. Either way, it was a good read and I’m sad this is the last in the series.

– Angie, Akron, PA

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Two Book Reviews: The Janson Command +The Games

Robert Ludlum’s The Janson Command by Justin Scott

I appreciated the integrity of Janson in choosing his assignments. I really enjoyed this novel.

The Games by James Patterson

I learned a lot about Olympics at Rio. The book helped set the scene for the 2016 Olympics.

– Barbara, Ephrata, PA

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