The Dinner

The Dinner by Herman Koch, 2009

Beautifully written book that proves that sometimes characters are stronger than plot. Heavy at time and certainly not a light beach read. Read when you have time to sit and contemplate life!


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Sum It Up

Sum It Up by Pat Summitt, 2013

This is an autobiography of an exceptionally strong woman. She expected great things from her players, but she expected more of herself. It also reflects her battle with Alzheimers, which is still ongoing.


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Gods & Kings

Gods & Kings by Lynn Austin, 2005 

A fantastic fictional retelling of King Ahaz’s reign (and the beginnign of King Hezekiah’s). I love how scripture was quoted and biblical truths were kept in tact.


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Nighttime is My Time

Nighttime is My Time by Mary Higgins Clark, 2004

I loved this book. A mystery that kept me engaged and confused about the killer until the final chapter. 

My first book by Clark, and I can’t wait for more.



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No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home by Fern Michaels, 2002

This book was a great, romantic, funny corker of a story. With triplets going on, this book is an extra trip to great times and lots of laughs.


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The Confident Mom: Guiding Your Family With God’s Strength and Wisdom

The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer, 2014

This was an amazing book to read. It helped me to realize that God created me to be a mom that has power and that I can enjoy all the parts of being a mom. I would recommend this book to every mom young or old. 


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For Every Season

For Every Season by Cindy Woodsmall, 2013

I wish this book went on forever! I loved it.


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